Worship at Bethlehem

We worship at 8:45am Sunday morning. This service is a traditional service with a contemporary flair. The traditional liturgy is used most Sundays but the occasional contemporary song is also included.

We hold communion the first and third Sundays of the month and festivals.

Evan Baptism


We welcome children into worship with us! During the school year, kids are also invited to attend Sunday School on most Sundays. Every Sunday throughout the year, children are invited to participate in a children’s sermon with Pastor Johanna, tailored especially for them.  During the school year, we have a staffed nursery available each Sunday for children pre-Sunday School aged.

What Lutherans Believe About Worship

For Lutherans, worship matters. In fact, worship lies at the heart of how we understand ourselves together. While some of the approaches to worship may differ from one congregation to another, we hold certain things in common.

There is a basic pattern for worship among Lutherans. We gather. We encounter God’s Word. We share a meal at the Lord’s table. And we are sent in mission into the world. This basic structure has been used for centuries; even early Christian worship took this form.

Lutheran worship is typically liturgical, meaning it follows a fairly structured order of worship. The liturgy as we know it has changed somewhat over the past two millennia, but much of the structure has remained; a similar liturgy can be found in Episcopal, Catholic and Orthodox churches. Why worship with a liturgy? The liturgy serves as a sort of track that carries us through all the elements of worship: confession and forgiveness, praising God, hearing the Word, prayer, Holy Communion, and more. Also, since Lutherans all over use this same structure, you can feel like you’re at home no matter where you are!

The word “liturgy” comes from the Greek word, “leiturgia,” which means, “work of the people.” That means that everyone present in worship is an active and important part of the worship experience. Here at Bethlehem, many people are involved in worship leadership in many different capacities: our deacons set up the worship space each Sunday and do various jobs in worship, lectors proclaim the Word by reading the Old Testament, Psalm, and Epistle readings, ushers offer a face of hospitality, and we even have a crew of dedicated folks who prepare a stunning coffee hour after worship!

Our choir singing praise!