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About Us

Bethlehem Lutheran Church was founded in 1876. We are a small, friendly congregation with about 40 people present in worship. We follow a traditional Lutheran liturgy and serve communion on first and third Sundays.

Our mission is to feed God's community in the name of Jesus. 

We have a "covenant" - or partnership - with St. Martin Lutheran Church, also in Webster, NY. Although we worship in two separate buildings, we do many things together as one larger community.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You are most welcome here!

Praying Together

Our Core Beliefs

1. Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

2. We pray first, last, and always.

3. God wants everyone included in God’s work.

4. We live by grace, forgiveness, and with humility; people and relationships are primary.

5. Faith and trust in Jesus encourages us to stretch beyond our comfort zones for the sake of the gospel.

6. God’s Spirit will always empower us to be disciples and witnesses.

7. Caring for others and acts of love change hearts and lives - those of others and our own.

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